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Work package description

ARCHES focuses on structural assessment and monitoring, strategies to prevent deterioration  and optimum rehabilitation of highway structures by complementary techniques. Apart from Management (WP 1) and Exploitation (WP 6), the project is organised in 4 technical work packages, with the following conceptual approach:
  • optimize the use of existing infrastructure through better safety assessment and monitoring procedures which will avoid interventions, i.e., avoid unnecessarily replacing or rehabilitating structures that are in fact perfectly safe (WP 2),
  • monitor and prevent corrosion of existing reinforcement and develop innovative new reinforcement materials that are highly resistant to corrosion (WP 3),
  • strengthen the infrastructure of bridges by means of bonded reinforcements (WP 4),
  • harden highway structures with Ultra High Performance Fibre Reinforced Concretes applied in severely exposed zones to dramatically increase their durability (WP 5).