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The objective of WP3 is to provide techniques that will arrest corrosion in existing concrete structures and to develop new cheap reinforcing materials that are highly resistant to corrosion.

The corrosion of reinforcing steel is the main reason for the reduced service life of concrete structures, especially for those exposed to aggressive environments. As a result, the repair costs of bridges, tunnels, coastal structures, etc. constitute a major part of the current spending on infrastructure. The enormous costs and safety issues associated with corrosion of rebars and prestressing cables in concrete have resulted in the development of a wide range of new technologies and materials to increase the durability of concrete structures and their repairs. However, most of the available methods for repair of corrosion related damage have shortcomings: they are expensive, disrupt traffic and, in some cases, their effectiveness is short lived. Increasing interest exists in the development of intervention methods that meet social and environmental as well as technical and economic needs, but research on such methods is still in its infancy.